Our various custom designed streaming solutions has been developed and designed to provide hitch free streaming solutions.  We are able to deliver functionalities based directly on client requirements. These capabilities enable us to deliver unique experiences such as live streams directly into Facebook Newsfeed, live multi-language interactive webcasting and live webcasts, which dynamically alter their content based on viewer feedback.

We are able to offer streaming services, but also multi-camera production, single camera production and feeds for large screen events in multiple locations.  Other services we offer include:

Video webcasts, which involve the delivery of audio and video onto multiple devices with optional interactive elements. These webcasts have a wide range of uses including live video launches, fashion shows, film premieres, 24/7 webcasts from remote locations, conferences, and interactive question and answer sessions.

Live Presentation webcasts, which include PowerPoint, slide synchronization with optional moderated Q&A and Polls and other interactive facilities designed to deliver the effect of a corporate presentation or event to your online audience.

We can look after as little or as much of the process as you want us to. We can offer an end to end solution where we handle everything from connectivity to camera crews but we also work with some of our clients by plugging in to their existing productions to deliver a simple encode and partial page build service.