Since we started business in 2002 we have been supplying the latest broadcast and video equipment at the very best prices.  What’s different about the way we hire, is that we just don’t hire to anyone that walks through our doors.  As a result we have available easily equipment that is well maintained; equipment used by professionals, so they are in the best condition.

Our hire policy is based on our world location, Lagos Nigeria, where we need to constantly ensure that the equipment we have available is not only the latest, but able to be used by some of the worlds top production companies and professionals, at a moments notice.

Over the years clients that have worked with us include CCTV from China, APTV from France, TV, Swiss TV, National Geographic, Red Rock Films, Steeplechase Films and Green Planet Films from the USA, World TV, Proudfoot TV, Odyssey Networks from the USA, Wrapt Films from the UK, Moland Films from Denmark and a host of others too numerous to mention.

We have available a wide range of 4k, 2k and HD cameras with various accessories, Tripods, Batteries, Chargers.  HMI, Tungsten, Fluorescent LED and Soft lighting, Grip Equipment, and other in-field production equipment and accessories including Drones, Monitors, Gimbals etc.

For more information on the equipment we have available you can download a list on this website.