How We Work

IBST is a team-centered organization, where we engage with each other and our clients to get the best ideas. It is these ideas, concepts and innovation, which form our approach to your project that is remarkably synergistic. This team-centered approach means that we are intensely focused on collaborative relationships, and working together towards the same goals: our clients are part of the team and are not just new members of our greater team; but part of a club that believes in winning and delivering great products,  and we greatly enjoy working with these “team members” to produce content and videos that will service their specific goals.

Our Team

IBST was founded on an unshakable foundation of marketing acumen, vision, cinematic creativity, storytelling and technology. This translates into finished productions that not only look stunning, but also capture the very essence of our client’s goals and vision. Each and every production that is tailor-made to the client in question, expressing their message with crystal clarity, and packaged in an aesthetic that satisfies their unique sensibilities, and meets the needs of your clients and customers eliciting the right feedback, action or motivation.